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En Primeur

Bancroft Wines has strong, direct relationships with the most long-established négociants in Bordeaux as well as with many of the most respected estates and growers in Burgundy and the Rhone.

This places us in an ideal position to secure allocations of many of the world's most desirable wines before they are on the open market.

Bancroft Fine Wines - En Primeur

Buying en primeur involves buying wines before they have been released – before they are even bottled in most cases – and taking delivery up to two years later when the wines are collected from the Chateaux.

Reasons that people invest in en primeur with Bancroft Wines are:

1. It is an opportunity to buy up wines at their first release price to maximise investment potential.

2. It is often the only time some of the rarest wines will appear on the market.

3. Bancroft Wines only include wines that we consider will be almost impossible to track down in future years without paying a premium price.

4. It is the best way to ensure that your purchases have perfect provenance and will be stored correctly from its release until the day you drink it.

Our Fine Wine team has extensive experience of these wines and travels to each region annually to taste the wines before offering them. We are always happy to advise you on the wines that will best suit your buying plans and can create cellars for you on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Please contact the team should you wish to hear more about purchasing en primeur.

Available Vintages

Burgundy 2012

Rhone 2013

Rhone 2012

Bordeaux 2012 (Vintage report)

Burgundy 2013 En Primeur

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Rhone 2013 En Primeur

View the Bancroft Rhone 2013 En Primeur Offer [here]


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