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The Rosso IGT Puglia Vino Passito Ca’Vittoria is a 60% Negroamaro, 25% Merlot, 15% Primitivo blend of grapes grown and harvested in the Salento area, with picking occurring as late as October. This gives a high level of sugar and high alcohol, required for the passito method: ripen grapes mature on the vine for about 15 days, naturally drying out.

During this period 50% of their weight and moisture is lost. This gives the resulting wine its characteristic notes of ripe fruits, such as plums and raisins. After a rigorous hand harvest, the grapes are pressed and the fermentation starts; the skins are left in the must for a long period to extract flavours and the characteristic ruby red colour. Subsequently the wine is left in oak for about 3 or 4 months; this aging gives pleasant notes of spice and vanilla.  The Zinfandel IGT Puglia True Zinfandel also hails from the Salento region but is an expression of 100% Zinfandel. An intense purple colour in the glass, tending towards amber with a little bit of aging. This wine has a very solid structure due to a relatively high alcohol and the balance between soft tannins and acidity. It is fruity, with notes of plums, cherry marmalade and tobacco and spicy too with an aftertaste of cocoa, coffee and vanilla.