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Another vintage year: celebrating 25 years of business

In 2015, Bancroft Wines celebrates 25 years of business, a milestone recently marked at an event at Home House on Thursday 2nd July.

Bancroft Wines today owes its legacy to the late Adam Bancroft MW, original founder and owner.



Adam Bancroft MW

In25-year-anniverary-web 2015, Bancroft Wines celebrates 25 years of business. This significant milestone for the company was marked at an event at Home House on Thursday 2nd July.

Bancroft Wines today owes its legacy to the late Adam Bancroft MW, original founder and owner.

Adam Bancroft became the youngest ever MW in 1985, winning the Tim Derouet prize for the best overall papers. He was a quiet and modest man with great integrity and charm. He was a highly skilled taster. In 1990 he started Adam Bancroft Associates Ltd from offices in London’s Soho.

Adam’s passions for wine began in France, especially in the Loire and in Burgundy. In 1994 he launched his trademark ‘Chanel lipstick-pink’ wine list and started to list his first wine venture into the new world with Howard Park/Madfish. The Loire and Burgundy are still strong features on the Bancroft Wines’ list today and Bancroft continues to work with Michael Kerrigan, now owner of Hay Shed Hill – exclusively represented by Bancroft here in the UK.

Adam’s tastings received great acclaim from the wine press and the producers he represented, and was regarded as an inspiration to all those who knew him.

Recent company timeline

Today Bancroft Wines still works with many of the suppliers that Adam Bancroft first discovered 25 years ago. These include Domaine Billaud Simon (Chablis), Alain Marcadet (Loire), Michael Kerrigan (Western Australia), and Eric Kientzler (Alsace). Excellence of product has always been the cornerstone in the history and heritage of Bancroft Wines. Bancroft’s range is all encompassing. 60% of the list is French, but diverse regions such as Croatia and Slovenia, Ischia and Oregon are also a feature.

The ‘new generation’ Bancroft Wines in its forward thinking strategy continues to invest in industry talent. It will soon count over 25 staff in its 25th year with the appointments of two new members to the sales team and a new Head of Purchasing.

On the 2nd of July select guests from the industry and the Bancroft family were joined by members of Bancroft staff and winemaker Michael Kerrigan, visiting from Australia, at an event to mark the occasion at Home House.


Chairman Peter De Haan and the Bancroft family










Hay Shed Hill winemaker Mike Kerrigan with Peter and Rob from Bancroft










Jilly and Claire from Bancroft










Managing Director Neil and Phil from Gaucho












Sean and James from Bancroft











For more photos, see our blog post here.

Supplier comments on Adam Bancroft MW and Bancroft Wines:

It was the heady days for the Australian Wine Industry in 1995 when I first met Adam Bancroft. Aussie wine was hot, with UK wine drinkers in love with the clean fruit fresh styles of wines we were producing. The comical allusions to Monty Python-esque wines such as Chateau Chunder were just that – comedy.  Adam was a pioneer in Australian Wine to the UK as one of the first of the more traditional French focused wine merchants to actually travel to Australia in search of boutique estate-grown and produced wines in contrast to the Jacobs Creek-like big company wines that had gained a huge following in the UK. Adam believed in the high end Australian wine long before it became an accepted norm, Adam recognised and sought out the regional wine heroes as opposed to the generic big company wines. That is why Adam ended up on the South West of Western Australia in 1995 where we were trying to forge a reputation for regional wines with the emphasis on Riesling, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.  I remember well this very proper English gentleman in surroundings that must have seemed like the moon to him, it was all a bit ‘Crocodile Dundee’.  Most of all I recall that a hand shake with Adam meant a deal was struck, he was not only a lovely man but his word was his bond and we enjoyed a very successful and enjoyable relationship with Adam on no more than a handshake until he was cruelly taken away from us. It has special significance with me to be back with Bancroft Wines after so many years, where a handshake still means something and the emphasis is still on quality Australian wines from producers with a regional and estate focus.” Michael Kerrigan, winemaker and owner at Hay Shed Hill Wines (previously at Howard Park/Madfish) January 2015

“I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Bancroft when he was just about to set up his company and was one of the first producers to work with him…he was a very nice man and always very considerate with our wines. This is still true today at Bancroft Wines.” Alain Marcadet (Domaine Marcadet, Loire), January 2015

Bancroft Wines Chairman, Peter de Haan comments:

“What Adam had was something special; his tragic death many years ago robbed the industry of his expertise of finding very special wines for the UK market. I am delighted that Bancroft Wines has grown year by year. Today the company is based on the heritage that Adam gave us and strongly maintains this original ethos. It’s a great achievement.”

Managing Director Neil McAndrew comments:

“This is a significant milestone in Bancroft’s history. It is a chance to thank all those who have contributed to its success so far and a natural point to launch a new era of Bancroft Wines, continuing our valued relationships with customers and suppliers alike. We look forward to unearthing more fantastic, as yet undiscovered products over the next 25 years.”