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  • Morey-St-Denis, Côte de Nuits.

Wine Types

Now and again in life one gets very lucky indeed. The fine wine team at Bancroft consider our introduction to Laurent Lignier, son of the eponymous Hubert at the domaine, to be one such happy twist of fate. We consider the wines here to be nothing short of incredible – the very essence of great Burgundy from start to finish in the range. The domaine has endured some well publicised and tragic ups and downs since Hubert first passed the reins to his late, elder son Romain but with Laurent now gaining ever-increasing experience, working to organic principles, and still aided by the twinkling Hubert, the estate is firing on all cylinders. It is absolutely worthy of its mythical reputation. We found Laurent to be a modest, dignified man of serious intent not easily deflected from the pursuit of perfection but possessing real warmth and a great deal of humanity borne from experience. The wines he proffers to the world are his remarkable gift to it. Beg, borrow and steal any of these wines if you have the chance.